About Us

Dwell – In Group was created to cater for individuals, families and communities that require supported living services due to physical/mental disabilities, homelessness or seeking refuge from abuse.

Our ethos is to create “a place – a dwelling place” where individuals are supported and cared for.

We offer support and housing services, to assist clients live a full independent life. We are here to help individuals gain essential life skills despite their condition, disability or status. We offer a range of support services to enable people to live independently and achieve their personal goals – whether that is to get a job, have their own home or make new friends.

We create opportunities for recovery for individuals with mental health problems in structured environments where their needs can be carefully assessed and met.

In our aim to offer superior social care services, we also help clients which include Local Authorities and Local Council as well private organisations get the right staff with appropriate training, qualifications, skills and knowledge.